Tuesday, November 15, 2005
  i like my neighborhood, i like my gun--drivin' my little car, i am your girl and i will protect you
So I have this obsession with a song right now by Xiu Xiu, which at best is unfathomable to everyone else I make listen to it, though I could at this point, listen to it over and over again. It just captures something in my life that I can't quite put my finger on, I've decided.

The weekend went very well, though it was somewhat busier than I would have liked it to be, which resulted in the grand total of one and a half hours being spent studying for a final that, if I fail, will result in an extra semester to take it again. That said, there is no one to blame for that but myself and my super bad planning abilities and complete apathy towards studying for shit like this.

The special needs final was a bitch to write also, with poor distractors (If I crack up in a silent lecture hall, you know you've erred in your test writing skillz you ass) and mean questions regarding self-defense from special needs students. Because obviously, they're psychotic.

"If you are bitten on the hand by a student and they do not let go, you should:

a)Gently but firmly push their nose back into their head
b)Tickle them with your free arm until they let go
c)Yell for help
d)Push your hand further into their mouth until pressing up against the jaw."

This was a real question, and the answer is D for anyone who anticipates this happening to them in the future.

But yeah, the weekend...the party went really well. I sort of "peaked" a lot sooner than others though, and was pretty tired (ie- idiot) before everyone else was, owing to a hella lot of cooking earlier that day (seafood lasagna and apple crisp).

I did get to see a very old friend of mine though in that span of time, which was really awesome. And, even better, I think he enjoyed meeting my friends and hanging out, so hopefully he'll come over more often in the future.

Friday also bears mentioning- We hung out on Whyte for a while, before heading to Vasyl's amazing house and jamming in the basement. He has this old mint organ that I got to fool around with, and by GOD, I fucking loved it. It's been so long since I have done anything musical, and I just sort of jumped right into it. And yeah, I don't think the sentiment was the same all around, but I thought that some of the stuff (some) sounded really awesome. It was so so cool. I miss muzak. On the upside, Fenton's cousin tuned my guitar, which is excellent. This weekend I'm going to start farting around on that I think.
You know, as stupid as that question is, my mom (who, for those readers who are unaware, is a teacher's aide in a special needs classroom) gets bit by kids in her class with surprising frequency. I mean, it's only certain kids, but it still happens a fair amount. And, they have to restrain kids a fair amount too (they are trained to do "non-abusive" restraints (not the actual term, but I can't remember the proper way of describing it)). So, while it was a stupid question that, from what you told me, didn't really have a place on the exam, the situation is poses it isn't exactly unprecedented.
No, I agree with you absolutely. And, even in classrooms outside of special needs kids, biting is frequent. It was just the inappropriateness of the discussion to the level of the course. And as for the "non-abusive" restraint, it's called the "interim stance" or something.
hey, any time you want to play around on the organs and any other intrumnent for that matter you are more than welcome too.

oh and after thinking about what you were playing on friday, i think that i got the part of chopstix that you were playing down now.

wondering if you could show me the rest. I cant really pick up things when other ppl are around but give me a day or two and i can probably figure it out...
:D Rad.
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