Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  "somewhere in the asshole of my mind..."
Life has been very tumultuous lately, and the old addage of my life being somewhat operatic returned briefly a few nights ago, in regards to my trip to Alaska again. My dad in the beginning was whom I was expecting to be a terror about the whole idea, but it instead proved to be my mom who turned instantly unreasonable (contribute this to her being the one I get my stubborness from though, and this is completely understandable).

What ended up happening is that my dad had to do this whole, "well...I think you could do this if you were exceedingly careful, but I have to uhh...side with your mom because I'm uh, married to her"--which means that she hounded him to write me an email outlying every single reason that going there by myself would be a bad idea.

Naturally, it infuriated me and insulted me...but I did see his point. That said, I saw his point, but also my own point that I was trying to make too in regards to independence and autonomy kept creeping up in a red haze behind my eyes. It was extremely frustrating. So I ended up sitting down (when I should have been working on my assignment due the next morning)and writing an email in reply. Yeah, scary I know, but it was actually a very mature email, no cheap shots, no angst, just amiable and slightly aloof neutrality. The boy read it over to ensure that there was no smack talk in it, but we're sitting there, and all of a sudden,

"Babe, I agree with your dad."

It is the most confounding thing in the world to hear an admission like this. Because on one hand, I was completely frustrated that my trip up there had essentially been shut down in regards to having any support from my parents. But then I was like, "oh my god, you just agreed with my father? That is the sweetest thing in the world." BUT THEN, "Oh my god, you think I'm a defenseless female too?" And THEN, "how is this fair to you? Is it reasonable?" After that I just roared for a bit and stomped around knocking over small buildings.

But I'm also over being angry about it. It isn't worth the trouble to be angry about. Bottom line also, is once they meet him, they won't question my motives anymore, LOL. It seems just as feasible at this point for him to come down here too later in January, as it would have been for me to go up there at Christmas. Financially I mean-- gender stereotypes and general over-protectiveness aside. I think I made my dad feel pretty guilty though, because I ended up just sending an email that said, "Ok, you win. I'm not going." Snotty and immature...argh. But, that said, I'm counting on blowing his mind with my jovialness about the whole issue next time I talk to him.

"Why darling, I thought you hated my guts?"

But yeah...y'all are going to get to meet my BOY! Aren't you excited? It's YANKEE time!
I am allergic to Americans.
You know...I thought I was too at one point. But SURPRISE!
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